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Radicon gearbox comes to rescue of an oven door

The replacement Radicon helical gearbox

Our engineers came to the rescue of a local company whose oven door was operated by a failing motor gearbox.

​Speed was vital, so we specified a new Radicon Series M inline helical gearbox from our stock. The old gearbox was outputting 125RPM and, with a ratio of 11.36, we were able to achieve this speed.

The unit arrived with a gear hub mounted on the output shaft which connected with a worm gear controlling the oven door. To minimise customer down time, we reused this from the original unit.

​The only machining required was to bore and key the gear hub to 20mm//6mm keyway, which was done by our sister company Westin Engineering. To ensure it would work correctly, it needed to overhang the shaft. To achieve this, our engineering team manufactured a spacer.

​As both companies are based in the same works, machining work can be done quickly, avoiding the need for third-party intervention.

The old motor was replaced by a new WEG 0.55kW 4Pole IE3 standard motor from stock and, after assembly by our skilled team, the motor gearbox was resprayed. The old and new units were then sent to our customer via overnight courier.

Note: Within our Radicon stock, we hold many different parts suitable for different applications, having units with hollow bores or output shafts, with the addition of output flanges, feet mounting and pre-stages.

For any motor or gearbox enquiries, please call Westin Drives on 01484 453399.

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