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Balancing machinery: a vital part of our service to customers

A complete balancing service for our customers

Balance is a critical aspect of any piece of rotating machinery and the ability to measure and rectify imbalance is a vital part of the service of electric motors, pumps and fans, to name a few.


Imbalance will shorten the operating life of a rotating machine significantly. It creates stresses, particularly within the bearings, which can cause premature failures. 


We have invested significantly to increase our balancing capacity and provide a complete mechanical service for customers. We also offer subcontract balancing.


Our two machines allow us to accurately balance rotors from 200g up to 2000kg. We also have the capacity to perform on-site balancing for fan impellers. The same technology can be applied in the workshop to balance pump impellers, fan impellers, couplings and pulleys while fitted to the motor which drives them.


Customers take comfort in the knowledge that we check rotors as part of our standard repairs, regardless of whether it is a routine service or a breakdown. Ninety per cent of rotors we check require balance correction, resulting in an immediate improvement of mechanical performance of the machine. 


Once we have completed the repair we use vibration analysis to ensure the motor is mechanically sound during the test run. We use this test to look for imbalance problems and bearing defects prior to dispatch. 

Another aspect of a balancing-machine at Westin Drives
A component being balanced on one of our balancing machines
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