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Meticulous, efficient
industrial electronic equipment repairs

Obsolete equipment or retrofit? We have a solution

Industrial electronic equipment repairs by experienced and qualified technicians is a service offered by Westin Drives. We also offer a free, no-obligation quote on any industrial electronic equipment.


We specialise in repairing obsolete equipment. But if we consider it to be cheaper or quicker to replace, retrofit or upgrade your unit, we would suggest and quote this as an option.


So please contact one of our qualified electrical or electronic engineers at our service centre in Huddersfield to see how we can resolve your problem.

The wide variety of electronic equipment we repair and service includes:

  • Inverters

  • DC Drives

  • Servo Drives

  • PCBs

  • HMIs

  • PLCs

  • Industrial PCs

  • Power Supplies

  • CNC Controllers

  • Positioning Systems

CASE STUDY: Repair of kitchen manufacturer's compressor drive

Our industrial electronic repair service came to the rescue when we were sent a faulty drive from a compressor used by a kitchen manufacturer. The main transformer had blown from arcing, due to poor tension on the fixing screws. We repaired and refitted it with new fixings. While the rest of the unit was being tested other faults were found, including the power supply PCB.


This and other parts were replaced during the rebuild. It was thoroughly tested before being returned to the customer. Back on site, the customer’s engineer had difficulties reinstalling the unit but we were able to provide phone support to ensure that the job was  completed on time.

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