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Minimise downtime with a swift, cost-effective repair

We are industrial electrical equipment repair specialists. At Westin Drives, our qualified engineers minimise your equipment downtime by finding a speedy, cost-effective solution to your electrical problem.

Our reputation was built on the quality of our electric motor rewinds, but our qualified engineers are also expert in industrial equipment

  • Inspection

  • Testing

  • Servicing

  • Repair

  • Refurbishment


As many of our customers appreciate, an effective repair can be more economical than buying a new piece of equipment. Even though a product may be unavailable or obsolete, we can still repair the original for you.

We take great care of customers' repair items delivered to our service centre in West Yorkshire and operate a tracking system. When a job is booked into our system, an email is sent to the customer giving a link on which progress of the work can be tracked.

Steve in the workshop
  • We can balance components to minimise vibration, increase bearing life and reduce energy losses.

  • We are certified flameproof motor repairers.

  • Our engineers can visit your site for fault-finding on machinery or fixed installations.

  • We can repair items up to 20 tonnes including high voltage (HV) motors.

  • We are Yorkshire's WEG Authorised Repair Agent.

  • We offer preventative maintenance, testing and inspection on your plant.

  • We are renowned for the responsiveness, reliablity, effectiveness and keen pricing of our services.

Our engineers specialise in repairs to the following:

  • AC & DC motors​

  • Bevel gear boxes

  • Brake motors

  • Conveyor drum motors

  • DC drives

  • EX motors

  • Fans

  • Frequency changers

  • Gearboxes 

  • Geared motors

  • Generators 

  • Woodworking motors

  • HMIs

  • Inverters

  • PCBs 

  • PLCs 

  • PSUs 

  • Pumps 

  • Servo motors 

  • Solenoids 

  • Spindle motors 

  • Submersible motors & pumps 

  • Transformers

  • Recovering worn mechanical components & making replacements

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