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Electric motor rewinds and repairs by our experienced engineers

A compressor motor awaiting repair.
The compressor motor following repair by our engineers.

A compressor motor before repair, above, and ready for dispatch, right.

Extending the life of a motor to reduce your costs

Westin Drives is the name to trust for electric motor rewinds and repairs. We have been appointed Yorkshire's WEG Authorised Repair Agent and we are SKF Certified rebuilders.


To satisfy these requirements, our engineers undergo specialised training in motor repair with an emphasis on:

  • Failure analysis

  • Bearing installation

  • Lubrication

  • Condition monitoring.


The objective is to prevent recurring failures and extend motor service life – and our repairs are right, every time.


Our accreditations demonstrate that Westin Drives has the level of expertise and experience needed for the optimum diagnosis and repair of electric motors. For our customers, that translates into increased performance and profitability, for certified rebuilds can help prevent recurring failures, extend motor service life and reduce repair costs and downtime.


When evaluating the operating cost of a motor, energy is only one element. To maximise productivity, it is vital to minimise your downtime, a goal foremost in the minds of our our rapid-response engineers. 


Additionally, a motor's efficiency can be maintained – or improved – by sound repair methods. Recognising these opportunities is crucial to the repair process. Research shows that, properly done, a motor may be rewound several times without significantly impairing its efficiency.

An electric motor awaiting repair on our service centre.
An elctric motor after successful repair.

An electric motor before, above, and after repair, right.

An example of root cause analysis of bearing failure

Black grease on a failed electric motor bearing
Damage to the raceways on an electric motor.

Left: The bearing after removing the endshield.

Above: Damage to the raceways.

Workshop manager Steven Ormondroyd writes: The first picture is of the bearing immediately after removing the endshield. Marked on the picture is the light red grease the motor was lubricated with. However, the grease in the bearing is black. This is a tell-tale sign of electrical arcing inside the bearing, as the grease has been burnt – quite a common issue on inverter driven motors. 


The second picture shows the damage caused to the raceways as a result of the electrical arcing. This defect manifests itself initially as increased vibration. If undetected or not addressed early enough, it can quickly become a catastrophic bearing failure and lead to significant down time and costs.


We typically resolve this problem by fitting insulated bearings and grounding brushes to the motors, we can also improve earthing on site and tune the inverters to reduce the harmful currents.

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