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We repair, refurbish, service and balance all types of industrial fan and air handling units

Westin Drives offers maintenance and servicing for all types of industrial fan / Air Handling Unit or blower as industrial fan failure can have consequences beyond immediate financial and manufacturing losses.


Trained engineers at our Huddersfield service centre offer:

  • Fan refurbishment

  • Upgrades and replacement

  • Balancing

We provide a full industrial fan refurbishment service because recycling and reusing old fans can be a cost-effective measure for businesses.

A fan impeller on a balancing machine in our service centre

A fan impeller being balanced to the latest ISO standards.


Our two machines allow us to accurately balance rotors from 200g up to 2000kg. The same technology can be applied in the workshop to balance pump impellers, fan impellers, couplings and pulleys while fitted to the motor which drives them.

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