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Round the clock services for your control systems


We offer on and-off site technical services for machinery in any industry. Whether it is contracting, drives and controls or condition monitoring, we have the skills, experience and products to support your business. We are accredited for our knowledge by the worldwide automation provider, LENZE.



We understand that no two companies are the same, so we can tailor our offering to suit your business. We have the flexibility to adapt to your specific requirements.



As part of our commitment to safety – and to give our customers further peace of mind – we have invested heavily in training and equipment to acquire the accreditation of Safe Contractor. We also understand that your machines don't necessarily stop working at 5pm, so neither do we. Westin Drives offers a call-out service around the clock.



We aim to work with you almost as an extension of your maintenance team, and we're always willing to share our knowledge and findings. We also offer technical training courses which help customers diagnose a lot of their machine faults themselves, then we can assist with the rectification process. Whatever machine related issues you may have, please contact us ​to discuss your requirements. We look forward to taking your call.


Before - the original DC motor

BEFORE: The original DC motor

The new AC motor.

AFTER: The new AC motor

A Yorkshire-based building products manufacturer turned to Westin Drives for a solution when it experienced problems with an obsolete haul-off unit. The old DC drive and motor were becoming unreliable and expensive to maintain, so an AC retrofit was requested. A WEG modular motor with force vent kit and a LENZE i550 inverter, which we stock, were selected for the job.


​As the gearbox showed no signs of failing, this remained. The new motor and inverter were installed, wired and commissioned in about six hours and new electrical drawings were provided. The customer was so impressed that a second machine was retrofitted a month or so later.

DC drive panel before repair

BEFORE: The original DC drive panel

New replacement AC drive panel

AFTER: The new AC panel

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