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A Mather and Platt pump repaired by Westin Drives engineers

Benefit from our extensive experience in the repair and maintenance of industrial pumps

Our engineers are experienced in the repair and maintenance of industrial and marine pumps of all sizes and types. At some point during their life, industrial pumps will require servicing, repairing or in some cases replacing. 


​A breakdown can lead to the loss of production, with all the problems that entails. However help is on hand from our service centre, which is staffed by qualified engineers and equipped with sophisticated diagnostic equipment and test facilities. 


Our pump repair department can load test pumps to measure flow rate and pressure. We also check the performance of all sealing surfaces for leaks to ensure the repaired pump goes back to our customers for a high performance, problem-free life. 


All mechanical work, such as repairing worn seal positions on shafts or excessively worn wear rings inside pumps, is carried out by our in-house machinists, Westin Engineering. We also have the facility to balance pump impellers.


You may be assured that every step of your repair is meticulously documented. to give you confidence that your equipment is ready for safe, reliable operation.


Through Westin Pumps we are a distributor for Pompe Garbarino, a world leader in the construction of centrifugal and volumetric pumps for the naval and industrial sector. ​


​We are on call 24 hours a day to ensure that any downtime caused by a pump problem is minimised. The goal at Westin Drives is to have your business up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our pump repair

services include

​Overhaul and repair

Dry pressure testing

Hydrostatic testing

Temperature measurement  

Collection and delivery

Full clean and repaint


Emergency service

12-month warranty

Vibration analysis

In-house machining 

Mechanical seal diagnosis

Pump upgrades 

Preventive maintenance 

Training on variable speed drives

Shot blasting & welding​​

Parts we repair & replace

Mechanical seals



Seal housing



Bearing housings

Motor rewinds

Obsolete parts 

A refurbished Teikoku 550VCD-A2M pump impeller

An impeller from a Teikoku 550VCD-A2M pump refurbished by engineers in our workshop

The wide variety of pumps that we repair

Agricultural pumps

Air powered diaphragm pumps

Axial flow pumps

Barrel pumps

Borehole pumps

Brewery pumps

Centrifugal pumps

Chemical dosing pumps

Circulator pumps

Diaphragm pumps

Diesel driven pumps

​Dirty water and sewage pumps

End Suction centrifugal pumps

Engine driven pumps

Flexible impeller

Food grade

Gear pumps

Hose pumps

Hygienic pumps

Irrigation pumps

Magnetic drive pumps

Multistage pumps

​Peripheral impeller pumps

Peripheral turbine pumps

Peristaltic pumps

Pressure booster pumps

Progressive cavity pumps

Regenerative turbine pumps

Self priming pumps

Sinusoidal rotor pumps

Split case pumps

Submersible pumps

Swimming pool pumps

CASE STUDY: Seawater pump repair

A seawater pump sent to us for repair
Th seawater pump following reapir at our service centre.

This ship's seawater pump arrived in poor condition with the impeller unattached, above left.

It was dismantled, inspected, shot blasted and all parts cleaned. A protective coating was then applied to the internals of the body. The impeller was also coated and new wear rings fitted and finally balanced to G2.5. New case rings and a new shaft were fitted, all manufactured in house by our sister company, Westin Engineering. The pump was assembled with a new mechanical seal and gaskets and pressure tested to six bar before being painted ready for dispatch.

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