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Westin Drives – your automation specialists

Lenze 840o stateline drive
Sprint Generis A Regeneration drive
A WEG inverter model cfw900

At Westin Drives, we stock a wide range of Automation equipment for every task, whether it be basic motor or machine control or advanced servo motion, we have your solution.


Working with our partners LENZE and WEG we have a large product portfolio covering all aspects of automation, from simple variable speed drives (VSD's) in LENZE's i550 or WEG's CFW500, to servo drives in LENZE's i950 and the WEG CFW900.


We also supply PLC's like the LENZE c500 series, HMI's such as LENZE's v400 series and a wide variety of accessories for all equipment.


Whether it be spares for breakdowns on existing equipment, or products for new applications, our highly knowledgeable sales and technical services teams are on hand to assist.


Please contact us to see you we can help with your automation project.

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