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Vibration analysis to help detect early problems in rotating machinery

Vibration analysis is a technique used to help detect early problems in rotating machinery. As part of a comprehensive service of predictive maintenance, Westin Drives offers vibration analysis.
​Using the latest SKF datacollectors to capture vibration readings, our engineers can identify component faults, enabling you to take action before a failure halts your production.
Site visits for data collection and analysis
Supply of appropriate equipment and accessories
Consultation on remote monitoring
Installation of wired monitoring systems

A vibration analysis graph.

Measuring and analysing data

Database creation requires a sound technical understanding of vibration analysis and the operational characteristics and quirks of machinery.  


Trend Plots

A trend plot is simply a number of amplitude values, snapshots of the total vibration (vibration at all frequencies) – over a period. ​The interval between readings will be the time-elapsed. That interval could be from months to milliseconds depending on the specifics of the vibration program and systems.A trend plot offers limited analysis tools but can be an important indicator of developing problems.

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