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Servo motor repair and testing by qualified engineers

Servo motor repair and testing requires a careful blend of electrical, electronic and mechanical skills – attributes that our experienced engineers are well qualified to bring to the task.


At Westin Drives we understand how important a servo motor is to your industrial processes. Equally important, we understand their quirks and complexity.


We carry out dozens of servo motor repairs a year at a dedicated facility where we fully service and test motors to ensure repairs are cost effective and of the highest quality.​

A Lenze servo motor

Our company has a policy of continual investment and training in test equipment as new and ever more complex types of servo motor are booked into our service centres week by week.

Besides basic servo motor problems like slow starting, rotation failure, overheating, abnormal noise or erratic operation, there are some specific industry causes:

+ Cleaning machines in food production processes by jet wash, steam hose or caustic solutions can cause water and fat ingress, corrosion of the motor casing and contamination of the feedback device. 

During paper processing, dust can gather around the oil seal and erode the drive end shaft. The motor shaft is frequently placed under extreme accelerative torque. Bearings and bearing housings are often compromised.

+During metals or glass processing, oil, coolant and/or anti-weld fluid can get into motor windings. Oil seal wear in drive end of motor shaft. 

CASE STUDY: A sticking brake

A servo motor in our workshop for repair
A failed bearing on the servo motor
Another aspect of the servo motor

The production line at a upholstery fillings factory had stopped due to the failure of a large servo motor, which was sent to us for repair. Upon inspection in the workshop, it was found the brake was sticking on because the bearing had collapsed. Under pressure, we carried out a repair and refurbishment and were able to return the motor to the customer the following day. It was reinstalled and operations were resumed with a minimum of lost time.

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