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A comprehensive industrial gearbox repair service

Skilled gearbox repairs for a range of industries

Westin Drives provides a comprehensive industrial gearbox repair service at our Huddersfield-based workshop. Our experienced, skilled engineers repair and refurbish all types of gearboxes found in industrial applications. This includes, but is not limited to, worm, helical, helical worm, helical bevel & planetary gearboxes. 


We service a range of industries including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, water treatment, packaging and many others. We can service all manufacturers of industrial gearbox this includes Siemens, Radicon, SEW, Flender, Nord and many others.


Our in-house gear cutting and grinding facilities allow us to manufacture new gears for a prompt,
cost-effective gearbox repair. We are an authorised Radicon stockist and assembly centre, so if we find a gearbox uneconomical to repair, we can typically offer a suitable replacement with same day builds available for a fast turnaround.

CASE STUDY: a successful industrial motor gearbox repair

The repaired motor gearbox
The central section of the motor gearbox
The motor gearbox as it arrived at our service centre

This motor gearbox was in poor condition when it arrived with us. The motor had failed beyond economical repair, but as it was non-standard, we had to modify a standard WEG motor to suit the application. The gearbox was fully refurbished and given a fresh coat of paint before it was returned to the customer.

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