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We are an authorised distributor for WEG 

We are pleased to be a WEG authorised distributor and repair agent. The company was founded in Brazil in 1961 by an electrician, an  administrator and a mechanic to produce electric motors. The first letter of the first name of each founder  forms the title WEG


By the 1980s the company had expanded into the manufacture of electric and electronic components and other technologies.


Renowned as a global manufacturer of energy efficient motors, WEG has entered the wind power, solar and mobility sectors and is now a supplier of complete industrial systems. 


Technological innovation, says the company, mainly refers to the development of new technologies, new products, materials and tests, aiming to increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve quality and reduce the raw materials used in products. 


'That is how the company becomes more competitive, gains new markets, stays sustainable and contributes to the development of the planet.'

Developed to improve the production processes and increase the competitive edge of their customers, WEG's industrial automation and control line offers high-performance, reliable and high-tech solutions.


From drives and controls to servo motors, processor controls and software, Westin Drives is please to advise and supply our customers with WEG's products, so please call us.

WEG automation products
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