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Our extensive service of new industrial
pumps, pump repairs and parts supply

Westin Drives can now offer an extensive range of new industrial pumps, pump repair services and supply of spare parts. 
As part of the service, we offer expert engineering advice on specifying new pump performance requirements, retrofits and repair/overhaul recommendations in the form of a full report.
The new pump range offered includes the Garbarino centrifugal range,  the Samoa Pumps air operated range and other leading global brands, including Calpeda
All these manufacturers are world class and manufacture pumps for the vast majority of applications, including those difficult ones of pumping highly viscous materials such as bitumen, heavy duty oils and paint.

A Samoa pump.

These pumps and most other types can be repaired in our modern well equipped workshop and we can also supply any spare part(s) if required. In short, Westin Drives is your new one stop shop for pump supply and service.

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