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Expertise in wide range of electro-mechanical repairs

At Westin Drives, we go beyond just repairing rotating equipment like motors, pumps, and gearboxes. Our engineers are also skilled in repairing a wide array of associated equipment crucial to your machinery's drive train.


Spotlight on brake coil rewinds

Take, for instance, a brake coil rewind on an electric motor. Often, brake failures can lead to motor failures, especially when dealing with non-standard brakes tailored to specific applications. Our bespoke electro-mechanical repairs are designed to provide a complete solution, ensuring your machinery operates at its best.

A brake coil rewind.

Our expertise extends to:

    •    Clutch/Brake Assemblies: Precision repairs for seamless operation.

    •    Solenoids: Reliable solenoid repairs for consistent performance.

    •    Electromagnets: Expert handling of electromagnet issues.

    •    Coils: Specialized coil repairs for various applications.

    •    Frequency Changers: Accurate repair and maintenance for optimal frequency conversion.

    •    Electric Valves: Ensuring your electric valves function flawlessly.

We thrive on challenges and are continually inspired by our customers' unique and unconventional repair needs. Please contact us to see how we can help with your repair.

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