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Problem of vibrating compressor motor solved

The WEG compressor motor after repair

Grounding brush fitted on repaired WEG compressor motor

We recently repaired a 200kW WEG compressor motor which was removed due to increasing vibration.

During routine bearing failure analysis, evidence of electrical discharge was found – despite an insulated bearing at the non-drive end. This had causing fluting on the raceways, the cause of the increasing vibration readings

We can only speculate that some damage to the insulating coating was allowing the current to pass through the bearing and causing the raceways damage.

The motor was subjected to our usual high standard of repair and extra care was taken when fitting the new SKF Insocoat bearing at the N.D.E to ensure the insulating coating wasn’t damaged. We also fitted an additional grounding brush there.

This motor can be returned to the customer safe in the knowledge that it will run correctly for years to come.

The WEG compressor motor as it arrived at our service centre

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