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OEM Password protection problems? We can help

A control panel

Ever been stuck by an OEM password protection? You're not alone. We encounter this issue daily and help people bypass it.

At Westin Drives, we design and build control panels that are eternally supportable by anyone, not just us. We’re not in the business of trapping customers into needing our services; we prefer to empower them.

Take these two top-quality control panels leaving our workshop: they house 110kW VSDs, SIEMENS S7-1200 PLCs, off-the-shelf control gear, and basic SIEMENS HMIs.

The inverter is for a stone saw blade, designed to be straightforward and not on a communication network to the PLC. This means that if it fails over the machine's lifetime, it can be replaced with any 110kW inverter on the market by anyone.

The PLCs and HMIs have the programs stored in them and are supplied separately. If they fail, they can easily be swapped without depending on us. These panels are replacing 20-plus-year-old Italian control panels that are no longer supported by the OEM.

We'd love to hear your stories about how OEMs have trapped you into using their services. And if you need support in getting around these issues, give us a call.

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