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Energy efficiency improvements for quarry stone-cutter

Quarry stone cutter motor

New control panel for quarry

A local quarry approached Westin Drives seeking ways to improve their energy efficiency. They were facing escalating electricity costs for a large stone-cutter and needed effective solutions.

Our technical services department identified the outdated motor as a primary issue. We recommended replacing it with a modern 90kW IE4 motor and incorporating a variable speed drive to optimize performance and energy use.

The control system also required an upgrade, so we designed and implemented a new system with advanced automatic controls tailored to the customer's needs. These enhancements enable operators to focus more on other tasks, such as loading additional saws, thereby increasing overall efficiency.

The project involved a comprehensive machine retrofit, including the installation of a new electrical panel, tray work, and cabling, along with the new motor. Additionally, we installed a Siemens PLC and HMI, providing the quarry with the capability for future expansion and integration with their servers to monitor production statistics.

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