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Discover our wide range of industrial electrical repairs

A large industrial motor in for repair

At Westin Drives, we pride ourselves on being your experts for industrial electrical equipment repairs. Our engineers bring a wealth of experience and specialised knowledge to every project, ensuring your machinery runs smoothly and efficiently.

Although our repair service is comprehensive, some of our customers don't apppreciate just how much we can achieve. So here's a list of equipment we are experienced in dealing with.

  • AC & DC Motors: From routine maintenance to complete overhauls, we keep your motors in peak condition.

  • Bevel gearboxes & gearboxes: Precision repairs for seamless power transmission.

  • Brake motors: Reliable performance restoration for safety-critical applications.

  • Conveyor drum motors: Ensuring your conveyor systems operate without a hitch.

  • DC drives: Expert handling of drive systems for optimal control.

  • EX motors: Specialised repairs for explosion-proof motors.

  • Fans: Maximising airflow efficiency and reliability.

  • Frequency changers: Accurate frequency conversion for varied industrial needs.

  • Geared motors: Precision repairs for niche and specialised motors.

  • Woodworking motors: Keeping your woodworking equipment running flawlessly.

  • HMIs: Human Machine Interface systems maintained for intuitive operation.

  • Inverters: Ensuring your inverters provide consistent power and performance.

  • PCBs & PLCs: Expert repair of printed circuit boards and Programmable Logic Controllers.

  • PSUs: Reliable repairs for power supply units, ensuring stable power distribution.

  • Pumps: Comprehensive pump repairs for all industrial applications.

  • Servo motors: Precision tuning and repair for high-performance servo systems.

  • Solenoids: Efficient repair of solenoid mechanisms for reliable operation.

  • Spindle motors: Keeping your spindle motors in top shape for precision tasks.

  • Submersible motors & pumps: Ensuring watertight performance for underwater applications.

  • Transformers: Expert transformer repair for reliable voltage regulation.

  • Additionally, we excel in recovering worn mechanical components and crafting high-quality replacements, ensuring longevity and durability of your equipment.

You can trust Westin Drives to handle your industrial electrical repairs with expertise and dedication. Contact us today to keep your operations running seamlessly!

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