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Swift assembly of three Radicon geared motors

Updated: 6 days ago

A Radicon gearbox

Here are three projects by our engineers featuring Radicon gearboxes, all ready for dispatch within 24 hours of order receipt:

  • A Radicon K-Series gearbox paired with a WEG motor, replacing an SEW motor gearbox in a food manufacturing process.

  • A Radicon C-Series gearbox equipped with a WEG motor, replacing a Flender motor gearbox for a major utilities company.

  • Another Radicon C-Series gearbox, integrated into a new machine for a company servicing the railway industry.

Westin Drives is a trusted Radicon distributor, stockist, and assembly centre for West Yorkshire. We look forward to assisting you with any enquiries.

A Radicon gear assembly

A Radicon gear assembly

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