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Praise for KSB centrifugal pump repair

The repaired KSB centrifugal pump

We have been praised for repairing this KSB centrifugal pump which arrived from a food processing factory in a poor state. The motor had mechanically failed, and the pump was heavily rusted and leaking.

The KSB centrifugal pump as it arrived at our service centre

Initially, we quoted for a pump replacement. But, due to a longer lead time than the customer wanted, a repair of the existing pump was requested instead.

So our experienced engineers:

  • Thoroughly cleaned and shot-blasted the pump components

  • Installed a new WEG motor from our stock

  • Replaced the mechanical seal and gaskets

Once the pump was reassembled, it was pressure tested to ensure all sealing components were correctly fitted and in good order – and we successfully returned the repaired pump to the site within the customer’s required timeframe.

And the feedback from the customer: 'Thank you for the outstanding work as usual!'

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