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Radicon solution for shot blaster motor gearbox

A Radicon C series helical worm gearbox.

The failed Nord unit from the shot blaster

We provided a swift solution for a customer whose motor gearbox – a critical piece of plant – had failed. The Nord gearbox was used to drive a rotating table from a shot blaster.

On inspection, we found that the gears were shredded – but a repair was unfeasible given the lack of time. And a new unit from Nord had a minimum lead time of three weeks.

Instead, our engineers managed to match the original Nord gearbox with a Radicon C series helical worm gearbox, complete with a WEG motor, top. The existing mounting plate was modified to match the pitch circle diameter of the Radicon gearbox by laser cutting an adapter plate and welding it into the mounting bracket.

Result: the customer was and running in a days instead of weeks. Need a repair to get you back in business quickly? Give us a call.

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