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How to save money with higher efficiency motors

Updated: 6 days ago

a higher efficiency motor ready to go to a customer

It still seems to be a little-known fact in industry how much money users can save by upgrading to higher efficiency motors.

One of our customers was notified of a dramatic increase in the company's electricity bill and turned to Westin Drives for advice on where to save energy.

Starting with long running, larger machines, three 90kW motors were picked out as prime candidates.

It was worked out using WEG’s online calculator that upgrading to IE4 motors would create an annual saving of around 21,000kWh of energy, per motor, equating to a 1.4 year payback on investment.

Could you be saving this sort of money on your site? Please contact us to see how we can help you combat the recent rises in electricity bills with our range of energy-efficient motors.

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