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Free trial of outstanding Samoa Pumps

A Samoa pump

Westin Drives is an authorised distributor for Samoa Pumps, Europe’s largest manufacturers of air operated pumps and systems for fluid measuring, control and management.

The product range covers air operated double diaphragm pumps, which are interchangeable with most other manufacturers pumps, transfer pumps, extrusion pumps, lubrication pumps, pressure washers and sprayers.

Its products are suitable for food and beverage, textile, mining water and most other industrial sectors as well as marine, industrial and oil and gas exploration markets.

With their patented flow technology, Samoa pumps deliver outstanding performance, are very easy to service and are competitively priced. Samoa also offers a free 30-day trial before purchase and attractive incentives for full or partial plant conversions.

Please send us your enquiries and we will respond promptly.

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