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Lenze PLCs

Powerful controllers, industrial PCs, web panels, monitors – all optimally matched to our automation system and our drives. Lenze controllers and visualization options are sure to win you over.
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Lenze c430


Lenze 520


Lenze C500


Lenze C750


X500 IoT gateway

​Controlling is sometimes quite easy. In machine automation, the cloud-based Remote Service Platform x4 shows how it works. With this platform, machine and plant monitoring can be brought into a cloud environment without specific IoT knowledge. 


It allows access from anywhere with Internet enabled devices. Functions such as data dashboards and alarm functions are available, with powerful condition monitoring services. Using the Remote Service Platform is easy via the available IoT Gateways. This allows the online connection to be made in accordance with the existing firewall.

lenze x500 iot
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