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Energy saving motors and controls

WEG W22 super premium motor

WEG IE4 Super Premium Efficiency Motor

Here is a selection of high efficiency motors, inverters and geared motors from leading manufacturers which we can supply to customers.​


We have extensive experience in the installation of cost-effective products, and can fit motors up to IE5 rating, for a wide variety of industrial applications. 


We are an authorised distributor and repair agent of WEG electric motors and a Radicon distributor, stockist and assembly centre for West Yorkshire. To know more or arrange a site visit, please contact us. We would be delighted to help your business.

w22-magnet ie4 super premium and inverter

WEG IE4 Super Premium Efficiency Motor

WEG ie5 motor

WEG IE5 Ultra Premium Efficiency Motor

WEG inverter cfw11

WEG CFW 11 inverter

WEG inverter cfw900

WEG CFW 900 inverter

A Radicon helical bevel geared motor

Radicon helical bevel gearbox

A Radicon helical in-line gearbox

Radicon helical inline gearbox

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